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The Meta Base Studio and the use of Meta Base (META) as it’s internal cryptocurrency has a specific timeline so please read all the information below before making any decisions about being involved in anyway. 

1. September 12th 2021 the build of Meta Base Studio commenced
2. October 29th 2021 the first beta test of the marketplace system passed 100%
3. November 29th 2021 Full test of the marketplace system including payment and minting of NFT’s passed 100%
4. November 29th onwards is a time period for Meta Base Studio to be opened with product loading.
5. January 1st 2022 Initial listing on the Crypto Climate Exchange
6. February 1st 2022 after final beta testing of all systems and the soft roll out of products the Meta Base Studio will be fully operational.
7. Q4 2022 the Vendor marketplace will open allowing the sale of Digital asset independently. This system has already been tested and cleared for use.
Meta Base Studio Marketplace
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